What to Expect

Integrity Gospel Church sermons are now online!  Go to the Podbean Link in the "Links" section of this website.

 Integrity Gospel Church is a ministry of worship, word and prayer.  We believe that music is a powerful aid to worship, and we use a mix of music styles, mainly classic and contemporary gospel music and contemporary praise and worship music. You may stand, sit, clap, raise your hands, and worship freely in any manner that does not disrupt worship or distract others from worship.  Scriptures will be proclaimed between the songs.

There will be a time of pastoral and congregational prayer, followed by the celebration of the Lord’s Table.  Everyone is invited, but no one is required to participate.

Our messages demonstrate the unchanging truth and eternal relevance of God’s Holy Word, the bible.  We read scripture aloud during the message, so bring your bible, or borrow one of ours.  There is a supply of bibles available.  If you don’t have a bible, please feel free to keep one of the ones we supply. To hear some of our sermons, go to the "Links" section of this website and click on "Integrity Gospel Church on Podbean." or click on this link : http://integritygospelchurch.podbean.com

Most of our members dress casually, but you won’t feel out of place if you dress formally.  We have a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere—we want you to feel comfortable and at home.

Child care is provided, but we also welcome children to participate with the adults.  We believe that all generations benefit when they worship together.

Services are held at 25321 Mt Pleasant Rd. in the Logan area of northern Dearborn County.

Home Groups

Integrity Gospel Church has a number of home bible study groups meeeting on weekday evenings.  Please use the "contact" page to learn more about times and locations.


Our Vision

A congregation where all generations, all races and all nations are integrated into one body, proclaiming the whole truth of the gospel to a fragmented world. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal. 3:28


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring healing to a disintegrating world through teaching the uncompromising and unchanging Word of God and living a life of true discipleship in our words and deeds. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Our Name

We believe that a lack of integrity has permeated every aspect of our culture: family, business and industry, education, politics, sports and entertainment, and even the church.  We live in a fragmented, distrustful, and disintegrating society.  We believe that our culture can be healed through the teaching and practice of the gospel—the good news of Jesus Christ, who lived, died and rose again in perfect integrity.

Our Core Values

Worship (loving God, Matt 22:37), community (loving one another, Matt 22:39) and compassion (being servants, Mark 10:45).  We believe a life of discipleship will reflect all three of those values.